First of the two!

There is more than a reason to get excited when two of your cousins’ weddings come up in the same month in less than a fortnight’s hiatus. When you are someone who belongs to the tambrahm community, weddings of close relatives are both a cause of excitement and pain. As much as one would love to observe all the beautiful rituals and eat sumptuous meals between them, one cannot cease to get anxious about the number of dresses to be changed and about not missing the accessories that have been painstakingly picked out from fancy stores and street shops from the entire city (especially T.Nagar). Imagine the level of excitement and anxiety in this case. You have no other option apart from stacking up enough clothes in order not to find your pictures on Facebook with you repeating clothes in the weddings. This blog is an attempt to put together some memorable moments from the first of the two weddings and make them timeless; to make the pictures come alive as your eyes peruse the words. Remember the lines from Shakespeare sonnet No. 18:

“So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,

So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.” (Was that too much? :P. Well, I need to show off a bit too. I did my undergrad in literature 😉 ;))

What’s so special about the wedding that took place on the 23rd June?

Well, everything! From the decorations to the food to the drawn-out guest list that resulted in a packed hall with people lining up to somehow make it to the stage to congratulate the couple and pose for the photographs during the reception. Can we forget the crowd at the dining hall that was effectively managed by Venkatesh maama during the reception as well as after the muhurtham the next day? The karaoke which was a surprise thrown to the bride by Ganesh Chittappa and Abi Chithi on post-wedding evening witnessed part of the wedding hall getting transformed into a makeshift dance floor. I was a spectator in awe as people ranging from little kids to old grannies got up from their seats to dance to their hearts’ content while showing their enthralling enthusiasm that shouted out age is nothing more than a cardinal number.

We’ll simply concentrate on the highlights of the wedding as all the required information on the rituals in a tambrahm wedding are available all over the internet and can be googled.

One of the major attractions in the wedding was the decoration. Have a look!


The gala time began with the reception (the evening before wedding). While Priyaa looked beautiful in the candy pink lehenga, our groom was no less handsome in his sherwani! The rendition of “Unakkena naan” from “Kaadhalil Vizhundhen” by the bride is something that will be remembered by all of us for a long time to come.


A tambrahm wedding is incomplete without the pre-muhurtham rituals like unjal and kasi yatra. We all know enough about the rituals. See for yourself how it happened here!IMG_20160623_101210


Certain things happened that cannot be explained by pictures. We might need to upload some videos here (I’m not allowed to do that, I guess ;)). Hence, the following words should do the explanation and suffice.

The Post-wedding Evening

Kicking off with the singing from  the groom’s side followed by rendition of “kadhal cricket” by Abhi and Divya to which people swayed from their seats and then made their way to the dance floor when they could no longer contain themselves as they started singing ‘vaada maapla’ accompanied by singer Velu from  Shree Events, this was quite an evening! Is it possible at all to forget Priyaa singing kalasalaaa, taking it up one notch with “My dear darling unna Priyaa kupidra”? People entirely forgot the ‘nalangu’ was yet to happen and Ganesh chittapa had to step in to remind them by stating we should take a break from the dancing and resume once the nalangu is over like a VJ announcing the short commercial break we all dread when the reality show has just started heating up. Nevertheless, people were drawn to the much-awaited nalangu as soon as it started. Although people like Ganesh chittappa raise queries on how tambrahms haven’t changed or altered the games since time unknown, people do enjoy every bit of it. That too, with a DJ like him around, spices get added too–  Goundamani and Santhanam dialogues getting played at the right time. When the DJ uncle and team (a team of uncles who tried their best to tease the couple) could no longer tease people and laugh their stomachs off, the cover of the song reppakala song from the movie Ganga: Kanchana 2’s Telugu version sung by the bride was played. Priyaa, if you did not notice, they did play the song! Her singing Nenjukkule, asking them to raise the level, testing and adjusting the mike during the nalangu was something to watch and admire perhaps. (strangest thing happening during the nalangu :P). The groom’s family showing equal spirits and him singing without any hesitation : the song from the movie Nanda, Mun Paniya ending it rightly with “maattram thandaval needhane” (you are the one who brought the change (in me)) directed at the not-so-demure bride did make her blush a bit. Admit it!


I don’t have pictures of the great food alone. (How dare I forget the most significant part of the wedding?!) Well, apologies! I should also mention the presence of carnatic rasikas (which all tambrahms are, in different levels) who were guessing and debating the raagas of the songs played by the Nathaswara group. This happened alongside where-did-you-buy-the-saree? and show-me-your-palms discussion. (the mehendi designs)

I’m sorry if I exceeded your expectations by quoting Shakespeare in the beginning. If you didn’t notice already, this is an unexceptional blog by the bride’s not-so-creative cousin 😛



The “creative master brain” behind this: Chander maama (He wanted me to mention that :P)


Picture Courtesy: Mostly stolen from those uploaded by people who tagged me on Facebook. If those aren’t your clicks, then it must have been taken by me or Chander maama

P.S. I’m sorry for referring to people according to their relation to me. But what do I do, I’m a respectful kid!





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